Sevendust Pesticide

Sevendust pesticide

What is carbaryl in Sevendust pesticide?

Sevendust pesticide is a powerful insecticide also known as Sevindust pesticide. The active ingredient in Sevendust pesticide is carbaryl belonging to carbamate family. Carbaryl was discovered and introduced for commercial use at the end of 1950s. Sevindust pesticide is used in agriculture, gardening, and forestry. Sevindust pesticide is among most effective insecticides on the market. Professionals apply Sevendust pesticide to control various insects.

How is Sevendust pesticide produced?

The pesticide can be produced by the reaction of methyl isocyanate with naphthol. This method was practiced in Bhopal. However, a leak of methyl isocyanate led to the Bhopal disaster with about 11,000 deaths and more than 500,000 injuries. Therefore, another method to produce Sevendust pesticide is to convert naphthol to its chloroformate at first, and then to treat the compound with methylamine. Sevindust pesticide is produced as dust, granules, concentrates, and ready-to-use formulations.

How Sevendust pesticide acts

Carbaryl in Sevendust pesticide inhibits reversibly acetylcholinesterase. Components of Sevendust pesticide bear a resemblance to acetylcholine; however their hydrolysis is extremely slow. The interference with the cholinergic system results in death because the effects of acetylcholine cannot be stopped by transformed acetylcholinesterase.

Applications of Sevendust pesticide

Carbamates led to a considerable advance in pesticide practice because they do not persist for long time in the environment. Sevindust pesticide allows controlling of more than 100 insects. Sevindust pesticide is intended for outdoor practice and must not be applied indoors. Carbaryl does not accumulate in fat or in the milk. Sevindust pesticide can be applied during the growing season. Sevindust pesticide acts on contact and through ingestion. Sevindust pesticide does not penetrate plant tissue remaining on the outside. Sevendust pesticide is easily broken down in the environmental conditions.

Drawbacks of Sevendust pesticide

People must follow safety measures working with this product. Unfortunately, carbaryl kills not only target pest such as mosquitos carrying malaria, but also useful insects such as bees. Although carbaryl is approved for numerous crops in the United Sates, it is forbidden in some countries.

How to store Sevendust pesticide

It is good to follow some rules when storing this pesticide formulation:

  • Sevindust pesticide must be stored out of the reach of children in a locked storing area.
  • Pesticide should be kept away from heat sources to avoid melting of the container.
  • The product must be stored at room temperature.
  • Sevendust pesticide should be stored in original containers and packages.

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