Phantom Termiticide Pesticide

Phantom termiticide pesticide is an effective indoor and outdoor killer of termites, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other insects. Its active ingredient is known as chlorfenapyr. Pests are unable to identify Phantom termiticide pesticide and spread it to other insects. Phantom is odorless and affords extremely effective and long-lasting pest control.

Phantom termiticide pesticide

General facts about Phantom termiticide insecticide

The active ingredient chlorfenapyr in Phantom termiticide pesticide is completely indiscernible for pests. Therefore, pests cannot smell, taste, and avoid Phantom termiticide pesticide. Pests get in touch with this insecticide and consume it during their usual activities.

Exposure takes place by means of contact and nutritional exchange. This mechanism of action promotes the efficient control of the pests at low pesticide concentrations.

How Phantom termiticide pesticide acts

Chlorfenapyr assaults the insect cells and inhibits the energy generation. This results in paralysis of all vital systems and final death. However, pests may behave normally for a short time and intoxicate other insects before dying. Phantom termiticide insect killer is applied in precisely targeted spots. Phantom termiticide insecticide can be applied repeatedly every 28 days and is very flexible for any pest controlling program.

Particularities of Phantom termiticide

Phantom termiticide pesticide associates efficient control, lasting effects, and superiority over classical baiting systems. Phantom can be applied for soil soaking, wall foaming, and general spraying. Termiticide should be applied to breeding zones, sites of nesting, places of hiding, and runways.

Phantom insecticide against termites

After application to the soil, the termites get the termiticide moving through the treated areas. Toxic concentrations of chlorfenapyr are conveyed to other members of the termite society by common feeding and contaminated secretions. Since termites do not die immediately after insecticide contact, they dispense the termiticide to their mates.

Phantom against ants

Phantom pesticide is active against home and invading ants such as Argentine, odorous house, carpenter, pavement, crazy, pyramid, and pharaoh ants. People apply a 0.5% dilution to spaces of recognized or supposed activity of ants. It is also good to use Phantom directly to ant nesting sites.

Phantom pesticide against cockroaches

Phantom is good for various species such as the American, Asian, Oriental, German, brown-banded, and smoky brown cockroaches. It is good to use a 0.5% dilution and spray to zones where cockroaches usually live. Limited treatment with Phantom can be carried out on surfaces where cockroaches hide.

Extended use of Phantom

The improved Phantom can control other annoying pests, pests of stored products, and sporadic pest attackers. Improved type of the pesticide destroys bed bugs, beetles, spiders, centipedes, house crickets, bark scorpions, house flies, silverfish, and paper wasps.

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