Pesticides Dangers

Facts about pesticides dangers

Pesticides dangers project to people and animals because the toxic compounds can kill or unfavorably affect the living matter. Pesticides bear dangers to customers and workers during production, transportation, and application of these substances. Fruits and vegetables often contain residues that contaminate and poison them. Pesticides dangers waylay people everywhere and the victims may be exposed to chemicals while consuming contaminated foods or during pesticide spraying. As a matter of fact, pesticides dangers frequently overweigh the dangers from the pests themselves. World Health Organization affirms that every year over 200,000 people are killed due to pesticide toxicity all over the world. Pesticides are responsible for about 3,000,000 poisonings yearly.

Considerations about pesticides dangers

The health load because of pesticide dangers is difficult to measure. Numerous are diseases associated with severe pesticide toxicity and resultant pesticide dangers. Children are innocent victims facing the greatest pesticides dangers. The case is that many biological systems of kids are undeveloped. The contact with pesticides may have detrimental consequences for children’s health. Pesticides disrupt the nerve communication and hormonal regulation. Pesticides may accumulate inside the tissues and become responsible for various diseases.

Pesticides dangers for fetus and mother

Dangers for fetus and motherPesticides create dangers of sterility, miscarriages, growth delay, fetal death, birth defects, and ovarian insufficiency. Many pesticides were found in the cord blood of newborns. Pesticides may penetrate into the breast milk. Pesticides bear dangers of malformations and brain impairment during gestation. Pesticides may disturb fetal development. Pesticides can provoke seizures, liver and kidney affections.

Pesticide dangers and ADHD

Researchers found a link between pesticide dangers of organophosphates and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Pesticides affect the central nervous system provoking hyperactivity. Researchers suspect that ADHD may be caused by the impairment of neurotransmitters in the cerebral frontal lobe with the injury to the brain cells.

Pesticide dangers and nervous diseases

Chemicals soaked into ground waters are linked to pesticide dangers for immune, endocrine, and nervous systems. The pesticides accumulate in the tissues and later may give rise to degenerative and potentially lethal diseases. Pesticide exposure may develop into depression among pesticide applicators. Home pesticide application during pregnancy or postnatal period is associated with autism. Scientists also link the pesticide dangers and Parkinson’s disease.

Pesticide dangers and tumors

Researchers revealed a connection between breast cancer and pesticides. Chlorinated pesticides increase the risk of prostate cancer. Organochlorine pesticides are associated with leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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