Organic Pesticides

Effective organic pesticides

Effective organic pesticides The practice of using organic pesticides is now popular owing to their known benefits. The interest to pesticides of organic origin is increasing. Many people recur to organic pesticides fighting in this way with soil, water, and air pollution. The thoughtless use of harmful pesticides disturbed the natural balance and led to the appearance of pest resistance. However, many nontoxic products, plants, insects, birds, and animals turned out to be effective organic solution in the war against detrimental pests. Researchers discovered numerous organic substances that may be considered as natural insecticides, fungicides, and bactericides.

Useful chemicals as organic pesticides

  • Mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent with vegetable oil and tap water is an efficient contact insecticide. This organic mixture is sprayed straight on the pest. It is effective against spider mites, white flies, and aphids.
  • Mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent with rubbing alcohol and crushed hot pepper is good against indoor and outdoor insects on plants.
  • Lime sulfur kills mites and their eggs. Lime sulfur also possesses fungicidal activity.
  • Soaps as organic pesticides in the form of soapsuds kill aphids.
  • Insects crawling from the soil to the tree branches can be stopped with a greased tape wrapped around the trunk.
  • Talcum powder is good against flea beetles and corn earworm.

Plants as organic pesticides

  • Ground garlic and onion soaked in warm water kill aphids on flowers and fruit trees.
  • Gophers may be scared by a blend of garlic, chili peppers, and water. This mixture is poured into gopher holes and rinsed with a stream of hose water.
  • Crushed tomato leaves are good for leaf spot diseases. Solanine in tomato leaves produces suppressing effect on black spot fungus.
  • Tobacco water kills centipedes, fungus gnats, and root lice. Painting the fruit trees with Tabasco sauce discourages mice and rabbits.
  • Insects and snails are afraid of powdered hot pepper and sprayed hot pepper sauce.
  • Yarrow adds power to herbs and assists in the fight against insects. Yarrow is planted with culinary or tea herbs.
  • Natural insecticide Pyrethrum is extremely effective against various insects.

Useful insects, birds and animals

An arachnid Daddy Longlegs, having a small rounded body and very long thin legs, preys on mites, aphids, leafhoppers, and other insects. Fireflies in the larval stage are able to consume even small snails. The small screech owl preys on insects and mice at night. Owls also eat worms, salamanders, and lizards during nightly raids. The barn owl is a useful predator for mice and rats. The house cat is no less important as owls in the fight against rodents.

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