Natural Pesticides

Natural pesticides Time and way of modern life makes farmers recur to natural pesticides. The case is that classical pesticides can produce negative effects on plants, animals, and humans. Natural pesticides may be no less powerful than classical ones, but they are significantly less toxic. Pesticides of natural origin are an inseparable part of serious gardening. Almost any natural pesticide is cheaper and safer than classical chemicals.

What are natural pesticides?

Pesticides from natural source are prepared from plants with insecticidal properties. These pesticides rarely produce side effects. They also break down faster than synthetic pesticides. However, these pesticides remain poisons and must be applied cautiously around animals, pets, and children. Even natural compounds must not be consumed by people, animals, and pets. Sometimes, it is better to apply these substances in the evening during low bee activity.

Strong natural pesticides

Strong pesticides of natural plant origin are represented by pyrethrins, nicotine, veratrine and veratridine. These pesticides are applied to plants or insects. However, they are extremely poisonous to other animals and should be kept in protected areas. Gardeners must wash their hands carefully after using these substances.

Natural pesticides with moderate power

Less toxic plant pesticides with moderate power include neem oil, nightshade teas mixed with tomato and potato leaves, teas with oxalic acid from raspberry and rhubarb leaves. Natural citrus oil may be used to discourage pests. These compounds are applied to plants due to their ability to disrupt the life cycles of pests.

Homemade natural pesticides

Homemade pesticides of natural origin are cheap and are used successfully to control insects. They contain harmful for pests constituents such as garlic, stinging nettles, cayenne, or horsetail, which are diluted in water and mixed for spraying on the plants.

Natural pesticides of mineral origin

Some pesticides may be of mineral origin. Among mineral natural substances is diatomaceous earth also known as kieselguhr. Kieselguhr is minced fossil of microscopic algae. Diatomaceous earth is used in the gardens and indoors. Applying diatomaceous earth, the gardener should protect nose and mouth.

How to use natural pesticides

Apply these substances on top and underneath the leaves. It is good to remember that overuse of these compounds may affect plants and kill good insects. Therefore, it is better to use them on a weekly basis. Rainy or hot weather is not a favorable time for application of these compounds. Test new pesticide substances on several leaves and if there is no damage, spray the whole plant.

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Natural pesticides is a good way out to overcome the dangers of traditional pesticides. Farmers and gardeners should rely on natural methods of crop protection.

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