APVMA Pesticide

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

APVMA pesticide The APVMA is Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. The APVMA pesticide is responsible for the evaluation and registration of pesticides and veterinary medications. The APVMA pesticide was grounded in 1993 to unify the registration in agricultural and veterinary spheres. APVMA pesticide works under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act 1992. The responsibilities of the APVMA pesticide are defined in the Administration Act and the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994.

About the APVMA pesticide registration

There are more than 9000 pesticides and veterinary medications in Australia. People must be sure that these products are safe for work. The APVMA pesticide registers industrial, agricultural, and household chemicals such as sprays, repellents, products for treating plants and animals in case of diseases, as well as medications for pets.

Spheres of registration system

The APVMA pesticide considers registration applications from chemical companies and individuals. Applications are seriously evaluated by means of expert assessments of the APVMA pesticide scientific personnel and relevant scientific institutions. The APVMA pesticide registers the product if it works as proposed and the research results confirm that the product has no damaging or undesirable effects on people, animals, and the environment when applied as indicated on the label.

Particularities of registration

The registration of a new product with a similar composition as already existing registered product takes about 3 months. More complex applications may take up to 15 months for registration. Registered products have a label approval number. The APVMA pesticide analyses older products that have been on the market for a considerable period of time to guarantee that they still do the expected work and are safe for application. The APVMA pesticide also examines registered chemicals when there are specific concerns about their safety and efficiency.

Risk assessment

The APVMA pesticide establishes the residue limits for chemicals used in agriculture. The dietary intake of some pesticide residues can be hazardous. Therefore, APVMA pesticide performs the risk evaluation of dietary exposure to pesticide residues.

Funding of APVMA pesticide activities

The APVMA pesticide is funded by means of cost recovery. The vast majority of the APVMA pesticide incomes are collected from the organizations and persons, which register the pesticides and veterinary medications. Registrants must pay application fees for product registration and a yearly fee to continue the product registrations.

Informational activity

The APVMA pesticide publishes the fortnight Gazette with details of the registrations. This institution also publishes guidelines how to apply for registration the specific types of agricultural products. Moreover, the APVMA edits various manuals. This organization also publishes a year report of adverse pesticide effects.

Benefits of using registered products

Buying the registered products, the customers may be sure that the products are appropriate for use in Australian conditions. The product application according to the label instructions guarantees against any damaging effects. At the same time, the customer remains in compliance with the law demands.

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