Where Are Pesticides Used?

Where are pesticides used in agriculture?

Pesticides used in agriculture Pesticides protect crops from losses due to pests and in this way may be economically efficient. It is possible to get several-fold return of money spent on pesticides. If pesticides are not used, the crop yields may decrease considerably. Prohibition of pesticide use may cause an increase of food prices, lead to unemployment, and aggravate hunger in the world. Pesticides used for weed control are important for agriculture, because weeds restrict harvest, reduce yields, increase costs of production, and lower the quality of products. Weeds obstruct irrigation, impede pesticide application, and engender disease provoking organisms. Herbicides have changed numerous agricultural operations. Pesticides are used as powders, granules, emulsions, and solutions. Spraying of pesticides is used most often and this method permits to apply very small quantities of chemicals. Careful pesticide application results in cheaper products for the customers. Another approach is to use insects that attack only the undesirable plants leaving the crops untouched.

Where are pesticides used in farming and gardening?

It is necessary to free the crops from competition with other plants. Farmers and gardeners use chemical and biological control of weeds. Damage in farming and gardening is caused by insects, mites, worms, mice, and rabbits. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses cause damage provoking numerous diseases. Constant alertness is essential to prevent pest infestations and disease outbursts. Control is realized by means of chemical fumigants, sprays, and dusts. Control also presupposes good garden practices and using natural predators. Scientists try to breed plants that are immune to some pests and diseases.

Where are pesticides used in medicine?

Pesticides are used to control dangerous organisms. Some insects, for instance, are able to transmit potentially fatal diseases. Pesticides can likewise be used to fight insects causing nuisance and allergic reactions. Insecticides also protect animals from parasites. Pesticides may prevent human diseases provoked by pests or spoiled products. Many human lives were saved by interrupting the vector transmission of typhus, malaria, sleeping sickness, and bubonic plague.

Where are pesticides used at home?

Pests inhabiting the households such as mold, ants, cockroaches, and termites can produce considerable detriment to home constructions. A wide range of pesticide products is offered against home pests. Pesticides are also used against rodents and insects in food and grocery stores to manage pests infesting grain and other foods.

Where are pesticides used for environmental control?

Herbicides are used for suppressing weeds, brush, and trees growing along the roadsides. Pesticides are applied against aggressive weeds that cause damage to the environment. Herbicides are frequently used in lakes and ponds to regulate algae and water grasses that may restrict fishing and swimming.

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